I like numbered lists:

Photo of Matt Backpacking

Matt backpacking in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness.

1) Experience: I founded Levitation Web Design in 2007, and since then have specialized in making efficient, attractive websites for small businesses. Check out my portfolio. Since I’m running my own small business, I know exactly what its like for small business owners/managers, and I can help you determine what you do and do not need in a website. Every small businesses need a website, but if you contact me, I can help you determine exactly what will serve your needs best.

2) Design Philosophy: I believe that web design is not and should not be art. A stunningly beautiful design for a website in the end is just as distracting as a horribly hideous design. In reality, the focus in web design should in creating a design that presents and accents the content as well as it can, because really, the visitor is there on your website because they want to access your content, not to stare at your design. A secondary focus should be on providing clues and visual tips to help the visitor move around your site. A very tertiary focus of web design can be on branding, and on establishing a universal look and feel for your business, but ultimately this focus is a much lower priority than the first two goals I laid out.

3) Education: I graduated from Stanford University in 2007, but when it comes to web design, I’m 100% self taught.  Some may find it odd that I started working as an independent web designer shortly after receiving my degree in Biological Sciences, but to me it makes sense. My degree wasn’t a certification that I had mastered some specific skill set, rather it is proof that I effectively learned how to learn. And learning well makes it easy to pick up new skills on my own (web design), or to quickly get a grasp of a new client’s business model and needs so that I can make the best website possible for their audience.

4) Personal: I live in fantastic Bend, Oregon. My favorite recreational activities are rock climbing, telemark skiing, and backpacking, and I try to spend as much of my free time as possible enjoying the majesty of the Cascades. I also love to play ultimate frisbee, cook, read good books, and travel.