COCC Fall 2010

Hi Everyone,

This page is going to contain all the resources for the COCC Build A Professional Wordpress Website class. For all the videos, I recommend watching in fullscreen (one of the options down in the bottom right corner of the video), so that you can better see what I’m clicking on and typing.  If you have any questions, on anything, please send me an e-mail.  Thanks and enjoy!

Week 2:

Video 1 (Downloading wordpress):

Video 2 (Creating a Database For Wordpress):

Video 3 (Uploading the Wordpress Core Files):

Video 4 (Editing the WP-config file):

Video 5 (Uploading the WP-config file):

Video 6 (Completing the Wordpress Installation):

Free Wordpress Theme Resources:


Paid Premium Wordpress Themes:


ThemeForest Commercial section

Video 7 (Installing Wordpress Themes):

Video 8 (Customizing Sidebars):

Video 9 (Installing Plugins):

Video 10 (Shrinking images with Picasa):

Video 11 (Uploading images and add them to posts/pages):