Custom Website Design Finished for

January 14, 2010

Colleen Vallerga has taught elementary school for 25 years, specializing in an awesome method of teaching called Storyline for 17 of those years.   In a nutshell, Storyline teaching takes the standard curriculum and weaves in into a story.  The students all play characters within the story as it unfolds through the school year.  Its much more creative and engaging and I wish I had gone to a Storyline school when I was little.

Colleen wanted a website to sell the teacher resource books she has written to help other Storyline teachers improve their teaching.  I created a complete website for her with a nice drop-down menu, a blog “Resources” section, and beautiful student artwork interweaved throughout.  I also integrated a simple Paypal shopping cart so that other teachers from around the country can purchase her books online.  Take a look at the site at

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