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Tim Neun is a master craftsman who has been making beautiful custom furniture and conference tables for decades. Based out of Eugene, Oregon, Tim needed a new website, and the two of us stumbled upon each other while enjoying a mutual hobby – skiing.

I built a new website for Tim from scratch, starting with the solid foundation of the Wordpress CMS so that Tim can log in to the back end himself and make updates or add new photos of the furniture he builds. The design is a clean, simple, and efficient one. The lack of distracting graphic elements allows the visitor to focus on the real beauty – the furniture Tim builds. A customized gallery script displays the photos of Tim’s work on the front page, while more information and a contact form flesh out the rest of the site.

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David Jacobs-Strain is an energetic roots and blues musician based out of Eugene, Oregon. His previous website was created and managed by his father, a university researcher more versed in Unix than HTML. I took the copious content from David’s old website, the custom artwork commissioned from Peter Nevins, and wove them together to form, a new, better organized, more efficient website.

The site is built on the Wordpress CMS, making it easy for David to make changes to the text, add new shows in the automated calendar, or write posts in the News and Updates section.  The site also features a prominent e-mail list signup form on every page, a Twitter widget that displays David’s most recent tweets, and pages where you can listen to David’s music or watch videos of his concerts.  Go checkout the site and listen to some of David’s music!

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Enginomix LLC is an small engineering firm based in Menlo Park, California that provides process modeling software for power plants and other large industry. Since I used to live in Palo Alto, a mutual connection put me in contact with the Enginomix guys. Enginomix did have a website, but it consisted of their name and an “Under Construction” graphic in the body of the site.

I designed and built them a complete website using the Wordpress CMS to showcase the many modules of their software, which are numerous! Their site ended up containing 51 different pages, including a News and Updates blog section, a registered users area where their clients can download sample models and software libraries, a contact form, an e-mail capture form to bring in new leads, and a rotating featured image.  Check out the Enginomix site.

{ Comments on this entry are closed } is intended to be a website to house articles and resources about designing and building a solar, green home.  The site was designed on the Wordpress CMS platform, and the blog functionality is intended to be the main content engine of the site.  The website features clean, classy graphic design, a simple and intuitive navigation structure, and a custom layout for the blog page in order to provide additional functionality.

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Folk singer/songwriter Jenna Lindbo was just getting started in the music industry. She has a beautiful voice and a mesmerizing onstage presence, but since she’s just starting out she wanted something pretty simple for her website. Without a lot of complex graphic design, I focused on creating her a simple, functional site that gave her the maximum value. The site features a professional portrait photo in the banner, newsletter functionality, a photo gallery, an updates blog, and an embedded music player.

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